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What you can do with FocusedQ

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Get Started with free Quote Templates

Select all the Templates that your business offers.

You can use the template as is or you can change the picture to better show off your completed projects. Its very easy to add multiple picture from Quote Builder. Next go to Quote Now, select the quote, enter the measurements need, check out, and send the quote to your client.

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Add Products easily and free

Product SKUs are under Master Products.

If you have multiple products in a category you can add them under master products. With master products all your products are organized in one place. For example if you have 30 different type of faucets all you do is search for faucets and start entering all the different SKUs there. Start with the name, picture and the quantity you have in stock.

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Quote Now

Send your first quote in seconds

Create itemized quote summaries easily.

With Quote Now you can stack multiple quotes in your shopping cart by adding the project measurements you can get a detailed Quote Summary with itemized products and prices. Quoting large complex jobs is easy when you add multiples to your quote summary and send it to your client in seconds.

Why FocusedQ?


Send quotes lightning-fast. Become 10x more efficient in your quoting process.


Create flawless quotes in seconds with fewer errors. Don't rely on outdated methods like Excel, Word docs or paper and pen.

Itemized Quote

Providing transparent quotes, will create trust with your customers.


Save time with one-click follow-ups.

Sales Team

Add your team members to send quotes directly from the field. Never miss a lead again!

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Keep all quote-related conversation within the Project Summary, eliminating miscommunication.

How Does It Work?

Get QTemplate

Select as many QTemplate as
you need based on the project

Customize Your Template

Update your project image and pricing if needed

Quote Now

Send your first quote

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Jim Miller, Owner Operator
Miller Homes LTD

Great software, easy to use and perfect for my business

Eric Schmidt, VP Sales
CLEiR corporation

I use the platform everyday to give and manage all my clients quotes

DAVE V, Owner
VDG Construction

I created and sent a $50,000 quote for a basement apartment in less than 10 mins

Kyle Greene, CEO
GREENE Landscaping

This is exaclty what I was looking for. Something easy to learn and affordable